The customer comes first ... and the one who would like to become one

Whether a company is successful in the long term, stands and falls with the acceptance of the (potential) customers. The customer is the focal point of all business decisions. To know and understand one's customers and target group, therefore, is all the more important. In many industries, such as telecommunications, energy or mail order, relations between companies and customers are long term-oriented. On the one hand, because the acquisition of a new customer can be more expensive by far than keeping an existing customer. On the other hand, because the value of the customer for business usually increases with the length of the existing relationship.

As part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), all customer-related processes in the areas of marketing, sales, service and other business areas are consistently focused on the customer as well as cross-sectorally integrated and optimised. CRM is the systematic design of customer relationship processes. It provides relevant figures and information in order to optimise the individual contact points in this process.