Analysis and interpretation of study results

In addition to classical analysis of quantitative data by univariate and bivariate analysis and evaluation processes we use a more complex analysis depending on the issue. These identify the data in multidimensional context groups or types of people and detect causalities and effective strengths.

We use for this purpose all common multivariate methods of analysis such as regression, cluster and factor analyses, multidimensional scaling (MDS), and linear structural equation models (LISREL) in order to, for example, identify brand drivers or customer satisfaction drivers as well as implement manifold customer segmentations or content classifications.

If necessary, we take care of extrapolations and carry out scenario analyses, e.g. for different product-price variants. This gives you a solid foundation for your business decisions.


Our 360-degree analyses

We can situate research results spatially and thus make it available for your operational marketing by means of enhancing with data from the infas 360 geo and micro database and the application of special analytical methods. Be it new potential customers or prospective customers, specific customer types or no-go areas - we will tell you where to find them and where not, and also provide you with the relevant postal addresses for your direct marketing activities.

Or we transfer the results into your CRM system and classify all the customers according to defined criteria - so that you can customise and control your customer approach and handling optimally.