Global thinking, regional understanding: in times of globalisation, the importance of regional markets is often underestimated

In addition to customer research, infas 360 is specifically dealing with describing regional market phenomena. The combination of classical marketing research with regional market indicators, whether for sampling or subsequent evaluations, leads to a deeper understanding of local market structures.

The objective of infas 360 is to obtain answers to specific questions from the fields of regional advertising and / or sales management as well as service offerings in order to optimally orient both the strategy (bottom-up) and all activities along regional marketing processes towards the local target group.

Our services for you

In collaboration with the infas Institute we offer unique research services in connection with CRM and microgeographic analyses primarily concerning regional issues for marketing, sales, and service.

Products and services

We support you throughout the process of product design from concept to potential to pricing estimate:

  • Qualitative and quantitative product concept tests
  • Product potential analyses
  • Pricing analyses


We provide you with relevant figures for brand management, in particular regarding brand positioning, development, and monitoring:

  • Brand core analysis (surveys on brand identity and positioning)
  • Market segmentation and positioning analysis
  • Brand awareness tracking
  • Brand funnel analysis (surveys brand awareness and brand strength)

Advertising and communication

We accompany you on the way from communication development to impact measurement:

  • Quantitative and qualitative concept tests of means of communication (print, online, TV, radio, point of sale)
  • Advertising media pretests
  • Customer-centric optimisation of promotional materials (e.g. in workshops)
  • Site testing / usability analysis
  • Package and design tests
  • Advertising effect measurement / advertising tracking
  • Social media research


We generate information for you to optimise your sales activities. It can be both the customers and their sales channel usage and behaviour as well as the influence of other market players of interest:

  • Sales (channel) analyses
  • Sales partner studies/retailer studies
  • Market agents studies


We provide important information on the quality of your service and your customer communication as well as the expectations of your customers - channel- and context-specific:

  • Customer studies concerning service satisfaction
  • Service employees studies
  • infas 360 ServiceScope: comprehensive analysis regarding customer expectation and satisfaction in service and customer communication, differentiated by relevant service channels and reasons in order to derive differentiated service levels