The customer comes first ... and the one who would like to become one

Whether a company is successful in the long term, stands and falls with the acceptance of the (potential) customers. The customer is the focal point of all business decisions. To know and understand one's customers and target group, therefore, is all the more important. In many industries, such as telecommunications, energy or mail order, relations between companies and customers are long term-oriented. On the one hand, because the acquisition of a new customer can be more expensive by far than keeping an existing customer. On the other hand, because the value of the customer for business usually increases with the length of the existing relationship.

As part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), all customer-related processes in the areas of marketing, sales, service and other business areas are consistently focused on the customer as well as cross-sectorally integrated and optimised. CRM is the systematic design of customer relationship processes. It provides relevant figures and information in order to optimise the individual contact points in this process.

Classic CRM analyses expanded

Classic CRM analyses thereby provide a range of valuable information, which can be derived from existing customer data. The variety and depth of information is limited, however, since one can only rely on data generated in the context of a contractual relationship, which are, next to the necessary socio-demographic and contact data, generally behaviour-related. The needs, expectations, interests and motivations of the customers are not visible though. But precisely these aspects are the basis for deriving the customers' future conduct and further potential, that lead to a deeper understanding. In addition, classical CRM analyses focus on existing or former clients. Non-customers or prospective customers cannot be included in the analyses as a rule.


Customer research – focus on the customer

Our services in customer research close these gaps in knowledge about customers, potential customers, and non-customers. Here we place the particular customer group centre stage and analyse their specific needs, expectations, motivations, interests, and attitudes. Thus we generate for you the specific information you are missing for your CRM strategy. Through our interdisciplinary approach of marketing research, customer analytics, and geomarketing we can additionally prepare quantitative information to be integrated into your CRM system and thus made operationally available - for optimum control of your customer relationship processes.


Our service for you

In cooperation with the market research team of the infas Institute, we offer research services on all aspects of customer relationship management, in particular customer satisfaction, customer expectations, customer loyalty and customer potential. This includes above all ...

  • Customer satisfaction studies and benchmark collections
  • Interviews with top customers or individuals in B2B
  • User structure analyses
  • Customer segmentation studies
  • Interviews with non-customers or potential customers
  • Cancellations studies for churn management