Markets at a glance

infas conducts surveys on selected markets and topics, which provide a comprehensive overview of market data and structures of the respective industry. The aim is to provide decision makers in marketing, sales, and business management by means of this industry report with central figures of the relevant market, which provide a comprehensive overview of the industry and allow for sound management decisions - strategically and operationally. Thus, the focus among other things is on small-scale regionalisation of central market and structural data, because a lot of industries still value: "All business is local."

infas Telecommunications Monitor (TCM)

The infas Telecommunications Monitor is a representative nationwide multi-client study on the collection of relevant market data and structures in the area of telecommunications. The aim of the study is especially the representative depiction of the market structure of all relevant areas of the information and telecommunications market - landline, mobile, Internet and TV - in a unique panoramic view as basis for strategic decisions of different market actors. Due to the concept as a series of studies since 2010 comprehensive time series analyses in the ICT market are possible.

Moreover, the focus is small-scale regionalisation of the results, especially of supplier market shares. On the basis of an elaborate computer model these were differentiatedly estimated in 2014 for all postcodes level 2 areas for the four sub-markets landline, Internet, TV, and mobile.

The results of the 2014 Telecommunications Monitor are available now completely up to date. By interviewing the panel participants recruited in 2012, the TCM 2014 can offer diverse longitudinal analyses and thus detailed analyses of switching behaviour. The results can be obtained with different editings. More information about TCM 2014 is available here.

infas industry report Energy Market Monitor B2C (EMM)

The infas industry report Energy Market Monitor B2C is a representative nationwide survey regarding energy use in private households in Germany. The study provides a broad picture of the main market and structural data as well as information about behaviour and attitudes of customers.
The results are differentiable up to areas of postcode level 2 and can be transmitted by further modelling to even smaller-scale areas. The study, for example, shows the market share of the German energy providers regionally or locally and thus forms the ideal basis for regionally differentiated potential and competitive analyses. The infas Energy Market Monitor is designed as a multi-client study and started in 2011. The topical focus of its next issue is green electricity and renewable energies.

Overview of topics:

  • Market shares for suppliers by rate/products
  • Satisfaction, recommendation behaviour and willingness to switch
  • Previous switching behaviour
  • Attitudes towards energy issues
  • Energy consumption and costs
  • Role of and willingness to pay more for green electricity
  • Use of solar energy systems and other energy technologies
  • Purchase intentions
  • Awareness, use of and interest in smart metering / smart home

In addition to the basic questions every client has the opportunity to place own company-specific questions in the questionnaire. Furthermore, a number of other possibilities for individualisation is given, such as increasing sample size, micro-geographic data enhancements, and potential investigations at house level. More information about EMM is available here.