Future market research: insights, which can be transferred into measures for marketing, CRM, and sales

Classic marketing research as a general rule generates information solely on the basis of ad hoc data collected empirically. They are highly aggregated and therefore of limited use for operational marketing because they do not allow for localising groups of people spatially. Target group segments can indeed be formed or interested parties identified, the question, however, where to find them exactly and how many there are usually remains unanswered.


infas 360 can close this gap of information gap by combining the collected ad hoc data with corporate CRM data on the one hand and selected characteristics of the infas 360 spatial and micro-geographic database on the other. This database contains for Germany as an example a variety of information for the approximately 22 million existing homes and 40 million households respectively, or 4.5 million companies.

So-called affinities are calculated by means of complex methods of analyses. Those affinities transmit information from empirical surveys into maps and help locating groups of people. In addition, corporate CRM data can thus be enhanced to optimise customer relationship management.

With Marketing research of infas 360 different tasks from marketing and sales can be processed optimally: from potential estimates to direct marketing control up to sales planning and planning of new outlets.