Essential for successful analysis is choosing the right granularity

While it is perfectly adequate for a direct mail campaign to analyse and select market indicators at the level of zip code areas respectively, the use of this level of analysis with a specific direct mail campaign is not very productive. And site planning also requires different granularity than sales territory planning or the creation of distribution areas.

infas 360 orients in Germany to stringent official, postal and historic settlement structures. The unique PAGS methodology provides customer with optimum structure and the associated market data for each area of application.

  • Official addresses (AGS24, microgeography)
  • Official road segments (AGS22)
  • Official neighbourhoods (AGS20)
  • Official districts (AGS16)
  • Postal municipalities (AGSPLZ)
  • Official municipalities (AGS8)
  • Zip codes (PLZ)

Market data in any structure

Besides PAGS infas 360 offers its complete range of data for any number of other, mostly proprietary market structures. Based on the infas 360 building file, official block structures, and innovative computing models all market data can be transferred to other systems - as well as in spatial grid of any precision such as 250x250m or in industry-specific market structures such as

  • Commercial layer
  • Net layer (high, medium and low voltage)
  • ONKZ and ASB areas

We would like to advise you concerning any selection or, if necessary, create structures according to your demand.