The infas market database: comprehensive coverage from region to individual house

With approximately 40 million households and over 21 million postally addressable buildings, the infas micro database is one of the most comprehensive data sources for your B2C business in Germany. The infas micro database constitutes a variety of house-accurate information for enrichment and spatial analyses, such as

  • Highly differentiated types of buildings and building floor spaces
  • Number of households
  • Socio-demographic information (such as social class, age and family structure)
  • Infrastructural information (e.g. broadband availability, solar systems, gas availability)
  • Industry-specific affinities (e.g. telecommunications, energy, insurance, health)

infas regional data

All data from our micro data bank are of course also available in aggregated form at our well-known market structures. In addition, the infas market database offers a lot of other general and industry-specific information.

  • Demographic information (age, sex, day/night population)
  • Various purchasing power information and rent rates
  • Household structure information (household size, income, age etc.)
  • Removals and population development
  • Motor vehicle inventory
  • Labour market indicators
  • Construction activities
  • And a lot more

Consumer data 360

In addition to our standard market data portfolio, we also determine individual market indicators for our customers. Through our unique 360-degree approach and the combination of market, spatial, and survey data from our ad hoc data area, we can even meet highly specialised data requests.