Complete coverage & address-accurate B2B database for enrichment and market potential

With approx 4.5 million business data at address level and in addition to consumer data, infas 360 deals intensively with the complete mapping of the German B2B market including traditional B2B features and figures such as

  • Company name, address and legal form
  • Number of employees
  • Turnover ratios
  • Industry membership (WZ2008 and SIC)

In addition, infas 360 offers on the basis of its geo-database with 50 million building-based information more exclusive B2B characteristics by which business addresses can also be specifically selected.

  • Building types by commercial type
  • Roofs and building volume
  • Commercial real estate values, such as attractiveness, centrality etc.
  • Business parks and solar plants


Points of interest & top shops

In addition, we also have a wide selection of 1.6 million points of interest across the public and private sectors, of which approximately 140,000 alone are top chain stores:

  1. Kindergartens, schools, hospitals
  2. Subsidiaries of all kinds, such as stores, drug stores and supermarket chains
  3. Pubs, restaurants, bars etc.
  4. Banks and ATMs
  5. And more

B2B market data

Of course, all business data of the business database can also be related to our market structures in aggregated form, such as as the number of companies per sector per road section or zip code area.


Business data 360

In addition to our standard business data portfolio, we also identify specific market indicators for our customers. Through our unique 360-degree approach and the combination of market, spatial, and survey data from our ad hoc data area, we can even meet highly specialised data requests.