Focus on the entire market

In contrast to CRM analytics, which consider their own customer or prospect inventory as "confined space", micro analytics are the means to transfer information in the "open space". One of the most common and most proven case applications is the computing of micro-geographic scores.

Micro-geographic scores and customer segmentation

Based on information on active product users and their linkage with our extensive micro-geographic data pool, product affinities' scores are calculated using complex statistical models. These can be applied to all households in Germany - both customers and non-customers (yet). The versatile use of that information, whether for dialogue marketing and PWS campaigns, site planning, telemarketing or sales territory planning, make micro-geographic scores across divisions an important component in modern business management.

Analogous to micro-geographic scoring we can, upon request, also project all customer segments spatially.

Micro analytics 360

You plan to launch a new product and need to locate the appropriate target group? Your CRM does contain little information about the purchasing behaviour of your customers only? Again, we can help with our innovative 360° approach. Our customer research determines the corresponding data that can then be transferred spatially.