Our micro data: contantly new variables for new business issues

With approximately 40 million households and 4.5 million companies in more than 22 million buildings postally addressable, the infas is 360 micro database is one of the most comprehensive data sources for B2C and B2B business in Germany. The infas 360 micro database constitutes over 100 house-accurate information for enhancement and spatial analyses with regard to different topics:

  • Highly differentiated types of buildings and building footprints
  • Number of households and firms (by sector)
  • Socio-demographic information (such as social class, age and family structure)
  • Infrastructural information (e.g. broadband availability, solar systems, gas availability)
  • Sector-specific affinities (e.g. telecommunications, energy, insurance, health)
  • Environment-specific characteristics (e.g. central location, number of kindergartens, daily population etc.)
  • And a lot more.