Data value stands and falls with address maintenance and refinement

The basis of effective customer relationship management are clean and well-maintained address data. They are one of the most important prerequisites for successful communication with the customer - whether B2B or B2C. If you want to reach your customers by mail with low undeliverable rate, your master data must be correct!

In addition to the maintenance of customer master data, we provide as part of address management more useful measures that can help you to improve your sales approach and to increase the response of your actions significantly. We offer the following services as a package or individually:

  • Postal check
  • Check for duplicates
  • Check for bankruptcy (B2B)
  • Relocation check
  • Changes of name and legal structure respectively (B2B)
  • Check of marketing/advertising opt-outs

We also offer extended address management for your CRM by enhancing your addresses with additional features.