Meter-accurate spatial data as precise information basis: comprehensive house assessment based on official house data

Almost 50 million buildings, from the Post Tower in Bonn via one- and multi-family houses to each and every garage and transformer box: infas 360 evaluates in conjunction with other data bases all houses in Germany and creates on this basis so-called building types - commercial and private.

The assessment also leads to various more criteria describing property such as

  • floor, living, and utility space of a building
  • number of households and businesses per building
  • height and volume of the building
  • building density
  • type of neighbourhood, where the building is located
  • inner-city location
  • etc.

Countless information can derive therefrom, such as e.g.

  • power demand
  • infrastructural characteristics such as connection to local public transport, schools etc.
  • level of coverage of various goods
  • population density
  • etc.