Assessing existing locations, finding new ones: clever location policy often is the key to success

Locations can vary widely by type. From central business locations to shops up to private property. Based on the infas 360 data pools a comprehensive profile of the location will then be created and associated with success or failure.

As a result, the client receives substantive parameters that provide information about an "ideal location". Spatially transferred or even transferred in the entire market, he receives an additional list of potential locations particularly suitable.

An example from real estate industry: the infas 360 data pool minutely describes the he property and its environment, e.g. in Dusseldorf:

  • Building footprint
  • Type of building
  • Land use (commercial/residential)
  • Medium rent and purchase price
  • Type of residence
  • Infrastructural characteristics such as parking areas, type of road

Based on the comprehensive data available this profile can now be found again in all other German cities. Thus, structurally similar regions are identified, for example, house no. Z in XY Street, Berlin

In addition, a catchment area can be determined for each location and its market indicators can be analysed so that statements about the potential of the existing or proposed locations are possible.