The alpha and omega for effective sales management: potential-oriented territory planning and resulting requirements

Sales basically differ depending on the area due to either the sales' footprint or structurally different circumstances.

Potential-oriented territorial planning is an option for optimum sales management, taking the environment into account. It determines the potential that exists in each sales area, where it is based on the local, specific sales figures. It generates areas with the same potential (equal potential audience) by means of a modular principle.

The analyses of infas 360 will also support you in detecting white spots. These are areas where the penetration rate in relation to the identified potential has previously been relatively low. These white spots ought to receive special attention regarding future sales or promotions.

A classic theme of geomarketing are catchment area analyses, which analyse previous customers in order to determine a catchment area for stores or locations so that the behaviour and the potential of existing as well as potential customers can be better assessed. A recurring result of these analyses, for example, is that 80 percent of customers come from 20 percent of the radial catchment area.