No efficient multi-channel measures without knowledge and transparency per sales channel

The times in which products were sold through a distribution channel are long outdated. The distance trade is growing in double figures and is expected to increase in Germany in 2014 by another 25 percent. At the same time, the steady trade constantly remains strong and tends to emotionally bonding experiences.

Even in the B2B market, the availability of a product may play central role. If there is no outlet in the vicinity, competitive products are used in case of readily available exchangeable goods. An emotional appeal of B2B products is difficult and can only be done if you know the interests of the end customer. If the business, however, was transacted via intermediaries, the end customer is not even known.


infas 360 supports your sales with the following measures among others

  • Door-to-door sales management in B2C and B2B market
  • Potential-based sales force management by areas, in the B2B market up to qualified lead default
  • Optimum sales force management by using GPS tracking and corporate-specific data transmission
  • Sales-based site assessment and finding for B2B and B2C sales outlets including regional assortment and price recommendations
  • Sales-supportive location-based advertising, including response and success tracking (e.g. by measurement of regional market share)
  • Support in the implementation of lead generation via custom CD-/CI-compliant websites including traffic-generating measures