10% nationally, 25% in urban villas, but only 5% in your customer addresses: strategic market indicators that can actually be implemented

Based on the results from marketing research and customer analytics infas 360 deduces, as needed, international, national, and regional market indicators, which can later be implemented accurately for marketing and sales. For existing and potential markets and customers.

Management and strategy can thus gain important customer insights such as the company's customer service quality offered. At the same time you receive upon request customer segmentations by service levels that can be transmitted into corporate CRM.

Another example is the bottom-up calculation of potential indicators for certain products (potential sales code), which serve strategic planning, but can also - downstream  - be passed onto communication and sales.

We transfer the results by means of our micro-geographic database and analyses address-accurately to the relevant advertising or sales area and classify at any level e.g. according to high, medium or low probability of purchase. Thereupon, we also provide volume-related potentials via corresponding projections, so that in the development of marketing and sales strategies regionally different sales potentials can be taken into account. Moreover, we can identify types of areas with significantly high sales potential - for optimal control of direct marketing activities.