Ideal orientiation of cross-media advertising towards the customer and permanent optimisation

You know, that craftsmen belong to your target group in the B2B market. But you do not know exactly which of them and their expectations of your product. Moreover, you do not even know their favourite hobbies, their favourite radio stations, their social media behaviour or where they are used to taking lunch.

You know, that households with above-average income, age 50+ belong to your target group in the B2C market. But you do not know exactly where or how they live and what their advanced consumer behaviour looks like.

infas 360 offers an almost complete view of consumers and advertising channels by means of a unique combination of all B2B and B2C data pools as to how they might be reached and emotionally addressed in the best way possible.

We support you with your marketing activities.


For your markets

  • Street- and house-accurately e.g. by Infopost or PostwurfSpezial
  • Locally e.g. via posters or direct mail
  • Regionally e.g. via regional Internet platforms and/or print media in connection with radio and their social media communities
  • Trans-regionally and nationally respectively with TV and Internet



For your customers

  1. E.g. in support of your customer-specific address via postal mailings
  2. E.g. in support of customer-oriented service levels in your CRM system

Of course, we support you in developing an appropriate marketing approach or in the implementation of a with you coordinated advertising campaign.

360 degrees also always means the action (optional) to monitor in order to not only measure advertising effectiveness, but also to integrate relevant experience in follow-up campaigns.