Focus on customer and its value

Many companies collect extensive customer information. However, the collection of data is only a first step on the road to more sales and more satisfied customers. Important data can be found in CRM systems way too often, which are not even included in the operational processes. These existing information thus find no use at the different touch points that a company has with its customers. infas 360 helps you analyse your data and makeit usable for your operational sales and marketing so that you can fully exploit your potential. In close cooperation with our customers, we offer among other things:

  • Customer profiling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Switching analyses
  • Customer value analyses

After customer segmentation, for example, it is possible to interview the corresponding segments in detail by our research area. So you can gain even more insights or transfer the information spatially and make it operationally usable for customer acquisition, site planning, and other tasks.