40 percent want to buy, 35 percent favour a competitor, and 25 percent are not even aware of the product

Quantitative survey methodology focuses on determining percentage distributions: "How many percent of the population would give my product innovation a chance?“ or "What are the most frequent obstacles when it comes to purchasing my brand/service?“ are exemplary questions in quantitative studies.

Quantitative methodology means standardised interviews with a statistically sound number of individuals. Based on the results and linked with further data we provide extrapolations, profitability analyses, and sales forecasts.


Our service for you

infas 360 and the infas Institute for Applied Social sciences jointly offer a wide range of quantitative survey methodology.

Our full-service portfolio at a glance:

  • Telephone surveys
  • Online surveys
  • PoS surveys
  • Face-to-face surveys
  • Paper-and-pencil resp. postal surveys
  • Surveys via mobile devices
  • Mixed mode surveys

We do not merely conduct "only once" studies, but are a high-performing partner for tracking studies as well.