Solid foundation - classical samples for surveys linked with new approaches

Often underestimated: the data building is solid only with a firm foundation. Therefore, sampling procedures are one of our top priorities since they are the foundation for surveys and all further analyses. Thus, we combine established sampling procedures with the new data world of infas 360.

Our geo and microdata bank comprises comprehensive sociodemographic, geographic, and market-related characteristics. When it matters, we draw optimised samples by selected characteristics of our databank. With this, we can even interview very specific and hard to find target groups by telephone or postal survey cost-effectively. Moreover, we can offer optimised sampling of specific points of interest (POI) in order to carry out face-to-face surveys or observations on-site.


Our service for you:

Whether data bank-optimised or classical, our sampling and sampling design are oriented towards optimisation with regard to survey objective and target group. In cooperation with the infas institute, we generate appropriate sample over all prevalent sources:

  • Customer address samples
  • Telephone samples by means of established standards
  • Samples based on our own geodata bank
  • Samples from online panels
  • Online samples on-site
  • Samples for B2B studies based on infas 360's business data bank