We objectify data and fill knowledge gaps - with ad hoc data collections

CRM, market and geodata combined provide manifold possibilities of analyses. Our market research team and the Institute of Applied Social Sciences jointly offer additional specific surveys for increasing knowledge, which helps e.g. to identify  motives behind decisions, opens the view on as well as answers open questions like HOW and WHY, and ensures assumptions and future action.

Therefore, the infas institute offers the entire spectrum of empirical survey methodology in B2C and B2B context – nationally and internationally.

We interweave our survey results with other data resources with regard to concept, analysis, and edition. We thus offer under one roof more than classical market research: for example results, which can be regionalised or integrated directly into CRM systems.

Quality and economy in balance

We have a firm commitment to data quality and origin. Therefore, we are careful with sampling and the choice of appropriate survey methodology – based upon infas expertise and experience on the one hand and our interdisciplinary team's marketing expertise on the other.

We do not lose sight of economy. We do what is best for our clients concerning cost-benefit ratio: e.g. tailor-made for individual issues or standardised for quick and cost-effective results.